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21 May 2007 @ 06:28 pm
Nearly every journal has them nowadays and this one isn't any different.


+ While profanity and cussing is acceptable in some shows, I won't tolerate it in comments or replies to posts. If you're tempted to swear or cuss for whatever reason, don't post it here.
+ Please ... and this is semi-important ... if you don't like a show, don't comment bashing the show, the actors, the storylines, whatever. I don't want to hear it. I'm a fan of many shows and those that I don't like I don't bother watching. That will be the same here, if you don't like a show, don't read the transcripts.
+ At no stage will I take requests for transcripts. Transcripting a show takes a long time. Take it from a person who has scripted the entire series of Dawson's Creek, it take's awhile.
+ To make sure you've read the rules, when you apply, put a comment in the welcome post. In the comment, as the subject please put "it's never to cold for ice cream".

Talking About...
+ If you want to mention this community anywhere, please do it in locked posts, not in general public posts. Just in case.

How to post a transcript

+ All Transcripts must be in the following format:
The following must be at the start of the transcript.
* Show Name - Title of the show, in bold.
* Episode Number - eg: Season 1, Episode 1
* Episode Title - eg: Pilot, Emotions in Motion etc...
* Original Airdate - if known. If not known, leave blank.
+ Character names should be bolder, if you'd rather just submit the transcript, I don't mind doing the extras, there will just be a delay in posting it.
+ Any actions, room descriptions, just little bits should be italicized. It gives the transcript more depth and it means it's not just words on paper/monitor.
+ The bulk of the transcript (everything under the top 4 lines) should be under an lj-cut so as not to clog up everybody's flist.
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21 May 2007 @ 05:53 pm
Because of the nature of this journal there are a few legal things that I need to take care off.

The images used in Totally Scripted were taken from a variety of sources (websites). The intention is not to violate anyone's copyright, just to help to people visually recognize the show and actors that they make not recognize by the title alone. We would, of course, consider to review for removal any links, images or text where it is suggested that a copyright has been violated. Please contact us with any concerns.

The material available for public viewing at Totally Scripted is for Entertainment and Teaching/Educational purposes only. This material is the sole property of the respective producers and is used here without their permission. Totally Scripted does not own the characters in any of this material, nor does it own any rights to the television shows on this site.

Totally Scripted is a not-for-profit journal and provides transcripts for entertainment and educational purposes only. No infringement is intended whatsoever. Please note that unless specified none of the transcripts posted on Totally Scripted have been transcribed by the site owners and thus Totally Scripted claims no credit for the transcriptions. Writers of these transcripts and/or websites where they have been collected are given full credit both on this site and transcript files.

To the best of the Totally Scripted's knowlege all material is being used in compliance with Fair Use Copyright Law 107. The transcripts fall under the U.S. Code 17/Sec. 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

If you still have any questions, concerns or if you have a legitimate reason for Totally Scripted to remove those scripts, please feel free to contact us.
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21 May 2007 @ 05:51 pm
Welcome to Totally Scripted

This is the brainchild of tamswitter. Fustrated by a lack of transcripts, even partial transcripts on LJ I decided to broaden my horizons, dig deep into the black hole that I call my hard drive and find my ones I have there. From that came bigger explorations to see what else I could find. If all else fails, I have a whole lotta seasons on DVD that I will do myself.

I pretty much copied that from the userinfo, but it does sum up why I created this journal.

I was also under the influence of a couple of my friends but I'm glad I came up with this.

I will ask for help, so please assist if you would like.
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